Schools and Young People

Friends of Abingdon has a wealth of local knowledge and contacts, and we would very much like to put some of it to use in helping local young people to know about their town and community.

For example we:

  • give guided tours around the Abbey Buildings and the Abbey Grounds
  • show groups around some of the other historic areas of the town
  • talk about some of the interesting events in local history – the Abingdon Riot, the visit of Henry VIII and his court, the 1767 lottery winner who turned from irresponsible publican to local philanthropist, and many others
  • talk students through the “Abingdon Timeline”, a wonderful depiction of the town’s history
  • talk with students about how local civic affairs work – the roles of the elected bodies, voluntary and community groups, and lobby groups

The Abbey Buildings has hosted “A Celebration of Children’s Art” which was organised by the Abingdon Decorative and Fine Arts Society to commemorate Abingdon’s Charter Year. There were activities for children in the Lower Hall and every school in Abingdon was represented in the exhibition in the Long Gallery.

Over the past few years we have given guided tours of the Abbey Buildings to groups from John Mason School (as part of their Charter Day activities), Our Lady’s Abingdon School, and Dunmore School. Please email for further information.