The Long Gallery, Lower Hall and Checker

The Long Gallery was built, or possibly rebuilt, in the late 15th century as a series of rooms opening onto a long open passageway on the north side. It was possibly used as accommodation for guests or visiting clerks. After the dissolution of the monasteries it appears to have been divided into living accommodation before becoming a Brewery in the late 16th century along with the Lower Hall and the adjoining Checker.

Today the restored Long Gallery is available as an historic setting for many events during the summer months. See Venue Hire for details.

The building connecting the Long Gallery and the Unicorn theatre is known as The Checker. It is a very imposing building with a fine tall chimney dating from the 13th.Cent. The main hall of the building was at some stage divided into two separate rooms and the area is thought to have been the exchequer of the abbey where all the accounting was done hence the imposing fireplace to provide warmth for the clerks. Beneath the hall is the Undercroft, at one time one time the abbey wine cellar, but which possibly had other uses at some stage as it also contains a fireplace.