Civic Voice

Civic Voice is the umbrella organisation for civic societies such as Friends of Abingdon. Its mission is to work to make the places where everyone lives more attractive, enjoyable and distinctive, and to promote civic pride. Civic Voice believes everyone has the right to live somewhere they can be proud of. The national charity has two main roles:

  • Its Director and Trustees are respected figures who are able to lobby in Whitehall and Westminster, speak out in the media, undertake research and build partnerships with like-minded organisations. They play an active role in consultations on issues such as the reform of planning regulations and the High Speed Rail link.

  • They also support local groups and help them work together. They provide ideas, information and resources to help us in our projects and access to favourable rates for essential support services such as insurance, banking and legal advice. From time to time they also provide benefits for our individual members, including special offers from English Heritage and the National Trust.

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