Local Planning

Abingdon is a beautiful town and we appreciate that our local councils work hard to make it a pleasant place for both residents and visitors. The historic town centre and river frontage are particular jewels, and the approaches to the town are very important to those who use them on a regular basis and also to visitors. In addition, the gardens of Abingdon make a major contribution to the nature of a town which is surrounded by busy roads.

Friends of Abingdon appreciates the need for more housing, but more thought is required about the housing mix required. The four- and five-bedroom ‘executive homes’, ‘luxury’ flats, and retirement complexes so beloved of property developers do not necessarily provide a solution to the problem. What are mainly required are three-bedroom family homes and two-bedroom ‘starter’ and ‘finisher’ homes. Retired people do not necessarily want to live in cramped accommodation with no gardens and small rooms that are unsuitable for worthwhile social interaction with friends and families. The shortage of affordable housing in Abingdon has led to an increase in renting rather than buying and a proliferation of houses in multiple occupation. It has also encouraged the conversion of modest family houses into extremely small flatlets. This has resulted in severe parking problems in many of our residential streets, as well as loss of family houses.

Friends of Abingdon monitors planning applications submitted to the Vale of White Horse District Council (VWHDC) and submits objections and comments when this is deemed necessary. Comments can be read in detail on the FoA Correspondence page.