Work with the AAAHS

The Abingdon Area Archaeological and Historical Society (AAAHS) has a wealth of knowledge about the history of the town. A good number of its 120 members are active researchers, and have a great deal of knowledge and skills in this area. They therefore provide a good complement for the Friends of Abingdon and share many of our interests and aims.

Our two groups believe that Abingdon’s history and heritage are among the town’s most valuable assets and that they could be better used to contribute to the future vitality and prosperity of Abingdon.

In order to make progress in this area the first step is to establish good working relationships with the District and Town Councils. This is particularly relevant in the light of central government initiatives such as the Localism Bill and the “Big Society” which aim to increase local community involvement in various areas of activity. We have therefore arranged to meet the leaders of both Councils to discuss topics such as:

  • the implications of the Localism Bill including changes to the planning regime
  • future mechanisms for protecting the town’s heritage, including the creation of “Local Lists” and arrangements for our existing Conservation Areas
  • the future of the Guildhall
  • their plans for the next phase of the Town Centre development
  • their thoughts about the development of our riverside – both the amenity areas to the north of the town and the Nags Head Island area

Based on the outcome of these discussions we hope to set up some joint projects to protect and build on the heritage of our town.

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