The Abingdon Abbey Timeline

The Abingdon Abbey Timeline is a pictorial representation of the history of Abingdon Abbey from its foundation in 675, through its dissolution and demolition in 1538, all the way to 1971 when the former abbey mill was incorporated into the Upper Reaches Hotel. The three panels of the Timeline are shown below (hover the mouse over the image to see the slide navigation < and > buttons).


These graphics don’t really do justice to the Timeline – so why not pay a visit to the Checker and see the panels in all their glory?

The Timeline itself was created for the Friends of Abingdon as part of the Lost Abbey of Abingdon project, and is mounted on the wall inside the Checker at the Abbey Buildings, opposite the Millennium Timeline. It was unveiled in 2012, as reported in this Abingdon Blog item, and was dedicated to the memory of Peter Berrell, who looked after the Abbey Buildings, as Curator, from 1987 to 2006.

For more information on the history of the abbey, see this page on the Abingdon Town website.