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The Friends of Abingdon web site administrators take privacy seriously.

As such, no names, contact details or other similar personal information on any individual is stored on the web site. Occasionally, we may name specific people, in order to acknowledge their contribution to the history or development of the Friends of Abingdon – but only if we have their express permission.


The website does use some cookies. These are used to ensure proper running of the site, and also to help us improve your experience when browsing. We do not use third party, tracking or advertising cookies. The cookies we use are:

HeaderPersistent1 YearAt the bottom of each web page on this site you will
see a message alerting you to our privacy and cookie
policy. We use a cookie to remember whether or not
you have read that message. User data is all
WordPressPersistent1 YearWordPress is the Content Management System (CMS)
that runs this website. It uses a cookie when logging
in and out and is essential for proper operation of
the website. It is only set if you are a user who is
registered to make changes to the web site, so for
most people it is not set at all. User data is all

Reference Information

Wikipedia article explaining what cookies are

WikiHow article on how to clear your browser’s cookies

Changes to the Website Privacy Policy

From time to time we may update this Privacy Policy in line with changes to the site, or changes to the law governing personal privacy. If you do not accept such changes then you should stop using the website and services. In addition, please contact us if you see any personal information that you think should be removed.